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Recreational Vehicles Available to Rent

Depending on how many people will be traveling with you, there are many different types of recreational vehicles available.

So if it's just a weekend getaway or a trip across America or into Canada, there is a rental unit for you. Below is just a brief description of each of the various vehicle types for you to choose from. Keep in mind, the summer months are typically a bit more than any other time of year simply because of the demand. That said, when you compare actual costs...it is hard to beat the savings you will get compared to any other form of vacation travel. After all, it's like having your hotel on wheels and each stop is a new adventure.

class A

Even in the largest and most luxurious of RVs savings are 10-45% less expensive than upscale air/hotel vacations. Why fly when you can drive one of these?

Class C

Travel is 20-63% percent less expensive than other types of vacations. With sleeping for 4 to 6, this option is one of the most popular so book early.

Class B

A glorified van, these well-equipped van conversions are great for tight spot camp site parking but mostly they are just perfect for that romantic getaway weekend.

Travel Trailer

Travel is 44-60% percent less expensive than other types of vacations. With your own truck, you can pull a travel trailer and use your truck to leave the campground if you want.

Toy Hauler

You have motorcycles, quads and other toys ready to hit the road with you, then this is the camper you want. Folds down in the rear so easy in and easy out.

Fifth Wheel

You have your own truck...sold your own fifth wheel so the hitch in your own truck is ready for this type of rental. Find the perfect one now and go camping!

Camper Van

Similar to a Class B, but less frills. Ideal for the budget minded who just need a place to lay their heads at the end of an active hiking day.

Pop Up Camper

Ideal camper for those who can tow a smaller camper with an SUV or smaller pickup. With a little set up, you can have your own private room in the woods, desert or at the beach.

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If you have never rented an RV, you should expect "minimum daily costs" to be similar to that of a nice hotel. The mobility you will have however makes it all worth it!

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Recreation vehicle trips remain the least costly, even with fluctuating fuel prices. RV vacations offer greater savings than those taken using a personal car or airline, staying in a hotel, rental house or condominium, and eating in restaurants. Book early for best pricing!

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